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NC Senate
Cheri Beasley 


 “I raised my family right here in North Carolina and dedicated my life in service to this state. I know that families in our state are struggling — and Washington is not helping. 

I’m running for Senate to be an independent voice who stands up for North Carolina and what’s right for our state- regardless of the politics. And I will bring the same values I was raised with — hard work, integrity, and justice — to fight for every person in our state.”


Raised by a trailblazing mom, Cheri learned the values of hard work, integrity, and justice from a young age. She and her husband Curt instilled those same values in their twin sons, Thomas and Matthew, as they raised their family in a home steeped in faith here in North Carolina. 

These values guided her work, first as a public defender and judge. In 2019, Cheri rose to become the first African American woman to serve as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. As a judge, Cheri has always acted independently and without bias to uphold the law and keep communities safe – no matter the politics.  

Throughout her service, Cheri protected our constitutional rights and applied the law fairly and independently. She worked to make schools safe and strong, including working with law enforcement and educators to keep students in classrooms and out of the courtroom. She implemented paid family leave as Chief Justice to over 6,000 court employees to help people take care of their families and succeed in their jobs. Cheri created the first human trafficking court in North Carolina to hold traffickers accountable and support victims. 

Cheri’s seen many of the challenges families across the state face. As a working mom, she’s spent late nights on the phone with insurance companies to make sure her sons got the medical treatment they needed. And as a judge, she’s seen how Washington has failed people here in North Carolina — and that both parties have lost touch with the people they’re sworn to serve.

In the Senate she’ll put North Carolina first and bring with her the same values of hard work, integrity, and justice that have guided her life. 

Congressional District NC-11
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara 


As a Buncombe County Commissioner, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the founding Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE), Jasmine Beach-Ferrara has overturned expectations and created positive change for her community.

Jasmine was raised in North Carolina by a single mom who worked as a public health nurse. Her mom instilled in Jasmine the importance of faith-driven empathy and service that shaped the trajectory of her life. Jasmine initially went to college to become a doctor but then felt called to ministry and went to divinity school, becoming ordained as a minister.​

Service and faith are the driving forces in her work, from teaching in prisons to founding an organization to advocate for LGBTQ equality across the Deep South. By showing up—especially in small towns—and telling the stories of families, Jasmine’s organization (CSE) helped win marriage equality in North Carolina and Mississippi. Her background as an organizer shapes how she approaches breaking through entrenched fault-lines to create change.

Jasmine heard over and over that she didn’t have a chance to win a seat on the Buncombe County Commission when she first ran. But not only did she win in 2016, she then earned reelection by double digits against a widely popular Republican opponent in 2020.

She now serves as Chair of the Early Childhood Education and Development Committee.

As commissioner, Jasmine focuses on policies that create a community where every child can thrive, and where people feel a sense of belonging and can live up to their full potential.

These include a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic, early childhood education, affordable housing, criminal justice reform and tackling the opioid epidemic with compassion.

Congressional District NC-10
Pam Genant

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 8.35.20 PM.png

Pam Genant is a Democrat running for the United States House of Representatives to represent everyone who lives in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District. Our district includes the counties of Alexander, Burke, Catawba, Cleveland, Iredell, Lincoln, and parts of Caldwell, Gaston, and Rutherford. She’s the only Democratic candidate who lives in the 10th District.


Pam grew up like many of us, straddling the line between poverty and making ends meet. She has known both joy and heartbreak. And maybe because of her experiences with both, Pam devotes herself to helping better the lives of others. She’s a registered nurse, mother of two children, wife of 28+ years, fierce crusader for people’s rights, and a passionate advocate in suicide prevention.

“The people in our district deserve a voice that can truly speak for everyone living here. We need someone who’ll stand up and fight for things that’ll impact all of us.”

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