Rutherford County has a total population of 66,701 with 12,414 registered Democrats, 16,723 Republicans, and 13,143 Unaffiliateds.

Our representatives to the NC House and Senate are from different and overlapping districts, the US Senators and the state officers are all statewide, and there is a bewildering array of judicial and other districts we have to deal with as well.


But our US Congressman is a big deal, and the constitutional requirements for redistricting make their districts political footballs every 10 years in a way that no other office is.


North Carolina is currently divided into 13 congressional districts, each represented in Washington DC by a member of the United States House of Representatives.

MAP NC Congressional map 11-15-19.jpg

In 2019 sections of Rutherford county were assigned to two different Congressional Districts. As shown on the map below, the western part of the county is now in DISTRICT 11, including Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, Rutherfordton and part of Spindale. The eastern part of the county is now in DISTRICT 5, including part of Spindale, all of Forest City, Ellenboro and Bostic.

MAP Dist 11 and Dist 5 in Rutherford.jpg


We are in 2 US House of Representatives Congressional Districts:

District 11 until recently occupied by Mark Meadows (R) being challenged by Moe Davis (D) in November.


or District 5 Representative The incumbent Virginia Foxx (R) is being challenged by David Wilson Brown (D) in November.

We are in District 112 for the NC House of Representatives, incumbent David Rogers (R) with Ed Hallyburton (D) as challenger.


We are in District 47 for the NC State Senate represented by incumbent Ralph Hise (R) being challenged by David Wheeler (D).