A single precinct from Iredell County has been rolled into the 10th District.



Rutherford County by acreage is probably the largest county in District 10. Its total population of 66,701 has 12,414 registered Democrats, 16,723 Republicans, and 13,143 Unaffiliateds.

The only purpose for this particular assembly of counties is to elect our representative to the House of Representatives in Washington. That's it. Our representatives to the NC House and Senate are from different and overlapping districts, the US Senators and the state officers are all statewide, and there is a bewildering array of judicial and other districts we have to deal with as well. But our Congressman is a big deal, and the constitutional requirements for redistricting make their districts political footballs every 10 years in a way that no other office is.

The 10th district has been forbiddingly Republican: it has sent Republicans to Washington every two years since (gulp) 1969, and that involved only three people. The first two were there nearly 20 years each, and the current one (Patrick McHenry) has been there 12 and was just elected again.


  • We are in Congressional District 10 for the US House of Representatives

  • We are in District 112 for the NC House of Representatives

  • We are in District 47 for the NC State Senate













Following are our sister counties in the 10th:

Polk County, on our southwest border, with the party there based in Columbus.


Buncombe County is on our northwestern tip. The eastern portions of Buncombe County have been gerrymandered along with Polk into the blood-red 10th to make life easier for the Republicans in the 11th. It did: the 11th went from tossup to safe R, and the 10th never blinked.

Cleveland County, the county east of us, is home to Shelby.

Gaston County, still further east and the eastern border of the 10th.

Lincoln County, to the north of Gaston.

Catawba County, to the north of Lincoln and is the northern border of the district. The Catawba Democrats have an active website, here.

NC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 112: Includes all of Rutherford County and 4 Precincts in Burke County.

NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 47 includes the 6 counties in light purple.