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Fed Up? 

Here's where you can do something about it!


1. General Fund (CLICK HERE)

This fund supports the crucial day-to-day operating expenses and overhead of the Rutherford County Dems, i.e. power bill, heating, insurance, taxes, office supplies, postage, etc. 


2. 2020 Victory Fund (CLICK HERE)

This fund supports local Democratic candidates and the overall Get Out The Vote effort, including printing costs, the cost of targeted direct mailings, radio ads, etc.

building improvement_edited.jpg

3. Building Fund

            (CLICK HERE)

This fund supports our needed  and pressing building repairs, and acts as a "rainy day" resource for the inevitable replacement of the HVAC system and other unforeseen expenses.

MEETING 8-22-19 2.jpg

Thanks for taking a stand to support your local Democratic Party.

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