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For many years, we’ve hosted a Democratic gala in the spring. The gala has always been a wonderful way for Rutherford County Democrats to come together to discuss politics, reminisce about Party activities in years past, meet former and current candidates, and raise the $4,000-$5,000 we need for our annual expenses.

Last year, we recognized that the idea of asking folks to gather in a large group is not practical. The COVID virus continues to affect how we conduct business and our lives.

However, we still have a need to raise funds if we are to maintain our party’s visibility in Rutherford county.  So the need for funds is critical.

We don’t want to put anyone in danger, so for 2021, we will have Gala-In-Place 2 Point 0. We are asking you to pay NOT to play! What does that mean?  Instead of getting all dressed up and going out for the big night, we will give you permission to stay at home in your PJs streaming movies, while still supporting our efforts to make a difference.

Click below to help the Rutherford Democratic Party keep everyone safe as we Gala-In-Place!

E Pluribus Unum--

"One nation under God indivisible 

with liberty and justice for all! "

The Democratic Party of
Rutherford County, North Carolina


Welcome! We are the Rutherford County Democratic Party, the chartered affiliate of the North Carolina Democratic Party. We represent the political interests of Rutherford County Democrats, not only through direct political action, but also through community service.  

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In order to protect our member's health and in keeping with the state of emergency, we are postponing all in-person meetings. We will post information about upcoming virtual events and how to participate by phone or Internet as those plans are finalized.


The party headquarters is located at 142 West Main St., Forest City 28043.

There is no phone service for the headquarters. When you need information, please contact the appropriate individual using their contact numbers listed in this section.


Our mailing address is:

Rutherford County Democratic Party
PO Box 125
Forest City, NC 28043

(Don't send anything to the street address; there is no mail delivery there.)


The governing body of the Rutherford County Democratic Party is its Executive Committee, which consists of: 

  • The Officers of the Executive Board

  • The Precinct Chairs and Vice-Chairs

  • The Presidents of any auxiliary clubs

  • All current Democratic elected officials in the county

Precinct Information

The 17 Rutherford County Democratic Precincts each select three officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. Precincts are not allowed to raise or spend money independently, so there is no treasurer function for the Precincts. The officers serve for two-year terms, and are elected at annual precinct meetings in odd-numbered years, at a date specified by the state party but usually in February or March.







Rutherford County Officials

Board of County Commissioners, A policy making body which sets the budget for operations.


Bryan King

Greg Lovelace

Eddie Holland

Michael Benfield

Alan Toney

Sheriff                                      Clerk of Court                                       Registrar of Deeds

Chris Francis                           Steve H. Owens                                    Rachel Thomas

Board of Elections

Every two years the Board of Elections becomes the most important County agency in terms of Rutherford County politics. It's where you register to vote, where candidates register to run, and it runs the elections.

Mailing Address                                                   Physical Address

Rutherford County Board of Elections               298 Fairground Rd.

P.O.Box 927                                                         Spindale, NC 28160                           

Rutherfordton, NC  28139


Board Members

Frances Lockwood

Gail Parton

Brian King

Linda Smith

Robert McDowell

Dawn Lovelace is the Director of Elections and oversees the county employees and poll workers who run the elections.